10 BEST DJ Backpacks For 2022

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After researching numerous DJ backpacks and getting feedback from the DJ and producer community, we've narrowed down the selection to our top 10 DJ backpacks for 2022.

These backpacks can hold your Dj controller or mixer, cables, cords, headphones and even a laptop in one easy to manage portable bag. 

They're loaded with features and are designed to protect your equipment while making it easy to unpack your gear and start your mix. 

After researching numerous DJ backpacks and getting feedback from the DJ and producer community, we've narrowed down the selection to our top 10 DJ backpacks for 2020.

If you want to skip straight to our number 1 recommendation, get the Orbit Concepts Jetpack here.

These backpacks can hold your Dj controller or mixer, cables, cords, headphones and even a laptop in one easy to manage portable bag. 

They're loaded with features and are designed to protect your equipment while making it easy to unpack your gear and start your mix. 

If you find yourself needing to take your DJ gear to play at different parties or clubs, it's essential that you invest in a quality DJ bag that will stand up to everyday wear and tear.

You'll find some well known brands in our best dj backpack review like Odyssey, UDG and Pelican, but also some newcomers like Magma and Jetpack.

In narrowing down our top 10 Dj bags, we considered what the most important features a DJ would need. 

  • DJ Controller Protection
  • Laptop Protection
  • Individual compartments for cables and media (USB drives)
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Secure against pickpockets or theft
  • Durable material
  • Manufacturers warranty





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Jetpack Prime



Magma Riot XL



Odyssey Backspin 2



UDG Digi Backpack



Big Namba Studio Backpack



Gruv Gear Club Bag Elite



Orbit Concepts Jetback Slim



Pelican Urban Elite Gear Bag



MONO EFX Flyby Backpack



Cable Phyle Bag


There's a great selection of Dj bags at various price points, but expect to pay upwards of $100 for a quality bag that will take a beating and protect your precious equipment. 

Let's take a look at each bag in more detail.

Best DJ Backpacks For Mixers And Controllers

#1.  Orbit Concepts - Jetpack Prime DJ Backpack

The team behind this full featured Dj bag set out to create the best DJ bag on the planet. 

It's built and designed by DJs who want to make a positive contribution to the Dj world and community.

The Jetpack Prime DJ backpack is extremely well thought out down to the smallest details like bright colored pockets so you can quickly access your stuff in low light conditions, a dedicated headphone compartment and an organizational system designed with input from world renowned DJs.

You can fit mixers like the Pioneer DJM S9 or Rane 62 into the soft padded protective compartment. That means any mixer or DJ controller at or below the following dimensions will fit:

Height 4.28 inches

Width: 10.51 inches

Depth: 16.02 inches

Add Your Logo

One feature that makes the Jetpack Prime DJ backpack different from it's competition is that you're able to have your own DJ logo professionally added to it.

Your logo will be professionally embroidered directly on the front of the backpack.

If you don't need a compartment for a mixer or dj controller, you can still use it for other gear like midi controllers, drum machines, effects units, wireless mic systems or simply extra cables.

The well thought out design is shown everywhere on this Dj backpack. Side pockets for easy access to adapters or a mic, rubber feet to keep the bag upright so you can dive in a quickly get what you need, waterproof ballistic nylon and ripstop lining keep your gear safe and protected and high quality zippers won't fail on you when you're rushing to pack up your gear.

But Orbit Concepts aren't done yet. There's even more good ideas packed into this DJ backpack. From a chest strap to make the backpack more stable when you're carrying it, back padding with air mesh so you don't arrive at your gig with a sweaty back, strong buckles and even dedicated "flare" loops on the straps so you can add your own uniqueness and make this Dj bag truly yours.

You'll get a limited one-year warranty from Orbit Concepts in case anything fails, but looking at the workmanship and the time and effort they've put in to creating this DJ backpack, you shouldn't need to use it. You can find more information about the Orbit Concepts Jetpack Prime here.

#2.  Magma Riot DJ Backpack

At first glance, you might think this DJ backpack looks a little "suitcase-y". It's rectangular shape doesn't make it the prettiest on this top 10 list, but the features more than make up for it's fashion flaws.

You can fit a TON of gear into this backpack and with it's completely customizable interior system, you can configure it to fit your gear perfectly.

Not only can you carry a DJ mixer in the backpack, there's enough room to carry a laptop too. You can fit so much gear into this DJ backpack it's insane.

What's the one thing that's guaranteed to KILL your expensive DJ gear?

Justin Beiber.

No, just kidding - WATER. Water will ruin your equipment quick. There's no point at all in having a DJ backpack that isn't waterproof. You might think that you'll never be out in the rain with it, but if you're frequently finding yourself wanting to travel with your gear, a waterproof DJ backpack is absolutely essential.

This DJ backpack has that covered. The Magma Riot XL is made from heavy duty material and 100% waterproof Tarpaulin. Even the zippers (there's a LOT) are PVC coated and waterproof...and lockable.

Now, the price is a little steep for a backpack - upwards of $200 - so it had better be damn good to command that sort of price. We feel like the Magma Riot XL DJ Backpack is just that. Damn good.

You can fit a full 17" laptop in addition to a DJ controller or mixer in the backpack. 

The suitcase-y look isn't such a bad thing now, huh?

Check out the customizable storage system you can move to fit whatever gear you'll be carrying. It's super sweet.

Magma calls it their "Zip-Around Expansion System". Velcro makes moving the compartments quick and easy but they'll stay in place when you need them to and protect your gear.

Wondering if it fits your mixer or laptop? Check out the list here and click "FITS'.

This DJ backpack really is made for the professional traveling DJ. 

It can comfortably house any type of digital gear that you'd need on the road. From battle mixers like the Rane Sixty-Two or the popular Pioneer DJM-S9 - it can keep them safe and also keep your Macbook or laptop safe at the same time. 

It's roomy!

Small details like including rubber feet on the bottom so the bag will stand upright and corner protectors make the difference and attest to the backs quality and craftsmanship.

Magma also made carrying the backpack easy on your back by using an airflow system, ergonomic shoulder and chest straps. There's also top and side carrying handles so you'll always have a good grip on your gear.

The Magma Riot XL DJ Backpack is a BEAST. You can check it out and see the latest pricing here

#3.  Odyssey Redline Series Backspin 2

Now, this DJ backpack isn't as hardcore as the Magma Riot but it still has some great features for the DJ that's not jetsetting across the planet every weekend, but instead might be taking their gear to a house party or club occasionally.

The Odyssey Redline Series Backspin 2 is fully padded and has room to store your DJ controller, laptop, headphones and cables. 

The dedicated compartment for your laptop is adjustable so it won't be rattling around as you carry it. You need your laptop, DJ controller or mixer to be snug inside the backpack otherwise you could find something broken or cracked when you arrive at your gig.

Something that makes this DJ backpack different from others is it's dedicated laptop stand compartment. It will fit the Odyssey's LSTANDM laptop stand. This wasn't something I saw on other DJ backpacks and I think other manufacturers expect the venue where you're playing to supply a stand for your laptop. 

But what if they don't? Where will you put your laptop so you can access it easily while you play the gig?

Odyssey included elastic band cable holders so you don't end up with a birds nest of tangled power and audio cords and they've used heavy duty zippers and zipper pulls with the expectation that they'll get a lot of use.

Like the other higher end DJ backpacks we've seen, there are sturdy bottom  feet to keep the backpack upright and padded back, handle and shoulder straps make carrying your gear comfortable.

To find out if it fits your gear, check out the Odyssey product page here and it's Amazon product page here.

#4.  UDG Digi DJ Backpack

With 5 exterior pockets, you can organize your DJ equipment so it's always easy to find. UDG made the interior pockets lined with a super bright orange color to make finding even the smallest adapter or USB drive easy in low light conditions.

The UDG Digi DJ backpack is constructed from water resistant nylon and has a dedicated laptop and dj controller/mixer compartments. It can accommodate up to a 15.4" laptop.

UDG designed this DJ backpack for the new generation of laptop DJs. They wanted to make the backpack as useful as possible but still look good when you're carrying it.

They've managed to do both of these things, and unlike the monster Magma Riot XL (shown earlier on in this article) it doesn't look like a suitcase on your back.

There are some nifty features of the UDG Digi DJ backpack like a side entry zipper so you can access your laptop without having to rummage through the main compartments of the bag and a front pockets with an earbud access point and hinged storage pocket so you can listen to your MP3 player while you're travelling.

Check out this list (scroll down) to see if it fits you gear and the Amazon product page to see the latest price and purchase.

#5  Big Namba Prime DJ Backpack

They call this the BIG Namba Studio backpack for a reason. It was engineered by a team of musicians and DJs who wanted to provide a solution for safely carrying a mobile studio or mobile laptop DJ from point A to point B.

I think they did a pretty good job.

You can fit a massive 17" laptop in this DJ backpack, along with a DJ controller or mixer. The backpack is covered in extreme high grade weather resistant 1680D ballistic nylon. If you aren't sure what that is exactly, just read it as TOUGH.

WIth all of the expensive gear inside, the design team made the zippers lockable to protect your stuff and added a cable management management system to avoid arriving at your gig to a huge knot of cables.

For added comfort the Big Namba has moisture wicking material against your back so you don't get sweaty and a secret stash pocket for quick access.

It seems like different design teams have added small details to each of their bags. The Big Namba has a rubberized handle instead of a canvass strap, knowing that when you pick the bag up, it won't be 5lbs, it will be more like 30lbs. Finger grips mean that the handle won't slip out of your hand.

Instead of simply sewing the handle to the body of the bag, team Big Namba sewed the handle straps to the bag, the cross stitched them and then added a rivet that is driven through the strap and bag.

If you've ever tried to pack your gear into a DJ backpack like this, you'll appreciate the next feature of the Big Namba. If you take everything out of the bag, it won't fall to the ground and leave you with a heap of cloth. 

It'll stay rigid and keep its shape so you can easily put your gear and equipment inside. It does this because the designers added a thin sheet of plastic in between the ballistic nylon exterior, the internal padding and the interior nylon.

Most of the time at the end of a gig you'll just want to pack your stuff up and get out of there. Throwing your cables into a backpack means you'll have to spend time the next day untangling them.

Not fun.

The Big Namba has added velcro cable ties and "hooks" inside both the front and rear compartments to keep your cables up and out of the way. Tuck the metal ends of the cable behind the divider so it doesn't scratch your other gear.

There are tons more good features of this DJ backpack, check them out on PlanetDJ here. A quick summary of what else you'll be getting if you decide the Big Namba Dj backpack is for you...

  • Back compartment opens 180 degrees so you can lay the bag totally flat and open on the ground to pack your controller, mixer or laptop easier.
  • Key strap so they don't get lost in the bottom of the bag
  • Secret stash pocket
  •  Phone pocket in shoulder strap
  • Fits in overhead compartment of airplanes
  • Rubber feet

Link to product page on planet DJ

#6.  Gruv Gear Club Elite DJ Backpack

Self described as the "jetsetters ultimate carryon-on", the team behind the Gruv Gear Club Elite DJ Backpack have designed it to be the first-class storage system for all your tech essentials.

The backpack features a "ScanFly laptop system" so that you can easily flip out your laptop quickly for x-ray scanning while it stays protected and securely tethered to the backpack its self.

Pretty neat.

On each side of the backpack are dual locker doors so you can always have quick access to any of your gear and the removable soft shelves help keep everything organized.

Other features that you'll enjoy with the Gruv Gear Club DJ Backpack are an overhead clip that conveniently stores headphones or eyewear, side cargo pockets for power chargers and cables, it can attatch to luggage handles or trolley's at the airport and comfortable air mesh backpack straps.

See more details on the Gruv Gear website and visit Sweetwater for the best price and availability.

#7.  Pelican Urban Elite DJ Backpack

If you're not familiar with Pelican, they make some of the most durable and hardcore cases on the planet. They're serious about keeping your gear safe and protected.

This backpack from Pelican is no different. With a super good 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon from over 200 people, this backpack has been tried and tested in the real world.

Pelican has added a built in watertight and crushproof case to keep your laptop or dj controller as safe as can be. It's IP67 tested which means it kept the contents inside the case completely bone dry under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

What this means to you and I is that if it rains, it's no big deal!

Despite how secure and well built the case and the backpack is, it's still remarkably easy to open and get into. With just a push of the button latch, you'll have full access to the inside of the  protected durable case.

It can acommodate laptops up to 17" and even has a pressure EQ valve that prevents vacuum lock inside the sealed case.

Check out the reviews on Amazon and you'll see countless people saying they've abused and used this backpack and it still stands strong.

#8.  Mono EFX Flyby Backpack

This backpack caught my eye because of it's break away laptop bag.

It's a 2-in-1.

You can use it in a standard backpack mode and carry lots of gear and equipment, then detach just the laptop section which converts into a messenger style bag (worn cross body). 

The backpack  has been designed to stand upright naturally, so you can easily grab your gear without having to balance and hold up the bag at the same time.

One of those things that can be annoying after a while, especially if you're in a rush to find something.

The back compartment can fit a 17" laptop and you'll get a padded sleeve for extra protection. There's a cable strap inside the main compartment and a deep space that's perfect for mixers or DJ controllers.

You can even fit 12" vinyl's in this backpack.

The company behind the EFX Flyby backpack - Mono - builds their bags to military specs and use high test materials with resistance to abrasion and the weather. 

Inside, you'll find a plush lining that will protect your equipment while you're travelling...or as Mono puts it "your gear will ride first class"

Check out the Amazon page to learn more about the Mono EFX Fly-By Backpack and see the current price.

#9.  Orbit Concepts - Jetpack Slim DJ Backpack

I showed you the bigger brother of the Jetpack SLIM - The Jetpack PRIME - as one of our top choices for a DJ backpacks. This is made by the same company, Orbit Concepts, but is perfect for DJs that don't need to carry a mixer as well as their laptop and accessories.

Think of the Jetpack Prime as the travelling DJ backpack and the Jetpack Slim as the lighter day DJ backpack.

There are some great features, like high grade water resistant ballistic nylon and diamond rip stop interior finishes, it has built in vinyl sleeves for storing CDs or your media like flash drives, it has a trolley handle sleeve so if you use a cart or a dolley to move more gear, this backpack will securely attach to it.

Another cool feature is that the laptop compartment is TSA approved, which means you don't have to remove your laptop at the security gates. Just zip it completely open and place it in one of those dull grey trays.

The bright orange interior lining is to help you find what you are looking for in low light conditions and a handy key hook means your keys won't fall down to the bottom depths of the backpack and you'll have to dig to find them.

Like it's older brother, the Jetpack Prime, you can have Orbit Concepts embroider your own custom logo onto the front of the backpack to truly customize it and make it completely yours.

High quality zippers, a secret stash pocket, ripstop lining and waterproof ballistic nylon make this a great choice for a DJ backpack.

Check out the product page from Orbit Concepts here and the Amazon page here to see the latest pricing and availability.

#10.  Cable Phyle Organizer

Ok, so I know this isn't a backpack. But I wanted to show it to you as another option to organize and store your cables. 

It's made from sturdy PVC lined nylon and has strong zippers and plush padding to protect your wires.

Cables are expensive, right?

In addition to the huge space inside for cables, there are 3 exterior double pockets for adapters or backup USB drives.

It doesn't win any awards for looking pretty, but if you use lots of cables and travel, this is a great way to keep everything organized and in place.

Check out the reviews and the latest price on Amazon here.

You have some great choices of DJ backpacks and this list shows the top ones that are available right now. Each backpack has it's own unique features, so shop carefully to make sure the one you pick is the best for your lifestyle.

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