10 Best DJ Lights That Will WOW ANY Dance Floor 2022

Super awesome DJ lighting that’s affordable for any DJ

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Your music takes the crowd to another level, but without good DJ lights, it can make your party or DJ set boring.

With the right kinds of DJ light,  you can take your audience to another level and entertain their eyes while the audio entertains their ears.

A lot has changed in the last 5 years with DJ lighting technology. You'll find lights that take up a lot less room but put out two or three times the amount of light the older models used to project.

Better technology and more efficient production by the lighting manufacturers have also made some of the best models of DJ light more affordable.

In short, you're getting much more bang for your buck.

We've asked DJs and visited DJ equipment stores to find out what their top WOW DJ lights are that will blow away any dance floor or party. Let's get to it.





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Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2



Chauvet DJ Swarm 5 FX



ADJ Boom Box FX2



Chauvet DJ  Kinta FX



Chauvet DJ Scorpion Laser



ADJ Stinger



Chauvet DJ  Swarm 4 FX



ADJ Stinger Gobo



Roxant Pulse Strobe Light



American DJ Inno Pocket Z4


Best 10 DJ Lights That Will WOW Any Dancefloor

#1.  Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2

The Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2 is the perfect solution for mobile DJs or for someone that's looking for a neat all-in-one lighting package that sets up super quick and packs a huge amount of light into a small unit.

It's high reviews are well founded as this setup features a pair of LED derby lights, LED PAR lights, a laser and a strobe effect.

Four of the lights are adjustable so you can turn and point the light to completely fill the room

Mobile DJ's will be happy to hear that the setup and teardown is super fast thanks to the included tripod and carry bags.

Chauvet includes a wireless footswitch so that you can easily control the lights without having to look for a remote or buy a seperate lighting controller.

Chauvet has really thought out the GigBAR 2 and tried to help ease the setup by allowing the lights to be daisy-chained or power linked together. That means less extension cords to deal with and less of a headache in setup and teardown.

While the unit can operate automatically and is sound-reactive, you can also hook the lights up to a DMX controller if that's your thing..

Checkout the rear view of the Chauvet DJ GigBAR 2 so you can see how easy the setup is.

If you noticed on each end of the GigBAR there are two brackets.

These are for installing the bar on a truss if you already have a lighting setup. If you don't have a truss, no worries - it's always there for you if you upgrade your lighting setup.

What I initially missed is four LED strobe lights built into the bar. You might have missed them, check it out:

All of the lights use LED bulbs with an estimated 50,000 hour life expectancy, so you don't have to worry about buying expensive replacements or even worse having a light die on you in the middle of a gig or party.

The Chauvet GigBAR 2 is an excellent packaged DJ light package that's well thought out and constructed. Check out the Amazon product page for it here

#2.  Chauvet DJ Swarm 5 FX DJ Light

I think the design team at Chauvet hold competitions to see who can create the most badass all-in-one light.

The DJ Swarm 5 FX is a hugely popular DJ light that combines LEDs, strobes and a laser for an awesome package.

Like the GigBAR 2, you can power link this unit up to others to save on extension cables and opt to use automated, sound-activated or DMX modes to control the different features of this light.

This 3-in-1 LED light has a red, green, blue and white rotating derby (a style of light that looks like sunray bursting through the window.

There's also a red and green laser built into the center of the light which is surrounded by white strobe LEDs.

On the rear of the Chauvet DJ Swarm 5 FX, you'll see a familiar layout.

  • Power in and power out - use short standard power cables to hook up all your lights
  • DMX in and DMX out - take control of the light
  • Sound sensitivity knob - the light will dance to the beat of the music
  • Menu for setting up DMX

Chauvet added a laser in the center of this light fixture with not one, but two colors (red/green). The laser shoots thousands of laser beams onto walls and looks amazing when you add some smoke or fog.

It comes with a remote and a few people that use this light on their mobile DJ rigs have suggested getting the soft shell carrying case because the box is too cumbersome to haul back and forth.

The Chauvet DJ Swarm 5FX is a beast of a light and can outperform two or even three separate lights that only do one type of effect.

Check out the Amazon page here

#3.  American DJ Boom Box FX2 DJ Light

This light is another 4-in-1, like the Swarm 5FX and GigBAR.

Remember how I said at the start of this article that technology has really developed over the last 5-10 years?! 

These 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 lights were unheard of. You would have to buy individual wash lights, lasers, moonflower lights and so on. 

You're really getting good value for your money.

The American DJ Boom Box FX2 can project gobos (pattern designs), Derby (sunrays), wash (flood lights) and even strobe lighting - all in one compact unit.

You'll find convenient features like power chaining (up to 9 fixtures) and sound sensitivity adjustment on the rear of the unit, with DMX control if you decide you want more control.

Since you're getting 4 light effects built into 1 fixture, you have to wonder if they complement each other or if it's just a huge blinding light source.

The team at American DJ carefully designed the Boom Box FX2 and put thought into how each lighting effect would work.

 The derby effect that looks like rays of multi-colored sunshine will fill the room, the GOBO effects with dancing patterns paint the walls. A built in wash light will flood the dance floor in colors and a shooting beam of red and green laser will memorize the crowd.

Click To Enlrage Image

#4.  Chauvet Kinta FX DJ Light

The little brother of this light - the Chauvet DJ Mini Kinta - has been one of the best selling DJ light of all time. This full size Kinta just takes all of the good features of the mini Kinta and makes them ten times better.

It's not easy to see what goodies are inside the Kinta upon first glance. You'll notice the large windows spread across the light that beam LED derby effects like sunrays bursting through clouds. 

If you look across the top and bottom of the unit, the white circles are SMD strobe lights (SMD is just a much more powerful type of LED).

And Chauvet DJ wasn't done yet. They even added a red and green laser which is at the bottom, in the middle of the fixture.

The unit can operate in an automatic mode, to music via the sound sensitivity knob on the back or DMX.

It also has the handy feature of daisy-chaining, or linking the power sources together so you don't need miles of extension cables.

Less to carry is always a good thing!

You'll get an infra red remote control which comes in handy when you want to turn off certain features like the laser or switch the unit from strobe to beam. You can also switch the color modes if you want the Kinta FX to project a specific color like red, white, blue or green.

This light can cover an entire room with light - so much that some DJ's find having more than one is too much!

Take a look at how the beams shoot out of the Kinta FX.

Check out the Amazon page for the Chauvet Kinta FX to see the current price and availability here

#1.  Chauvet DJ - Scorpion Laser

Don't let the bright pink color fool you. This laser by Chauvet is awesome!

The lasers you've seen on the other lights in this list do a good job, but they were designed to not overpower the other light effects built in.

This is a standalone laser that does so much more than the lasers you would find in 4-in-1 units.

The pink color will grow on you!

So how is the Chauvet DJ Scorpion Laser better than others?

Well, to start it's a dual laser with FAT beams. Instead of projecting hundreds of tiny dots, it projects what can only be described as a "laser sky".

The laser has 32 built in patters and can operate in automatic, manual or sound-activated mode.

You can even get a remote control and control the Scorpion Dual from a distance.

This laser comes to life when you add fog or haze and you'll love how the bright green laser produces thick, fat beams everywhere.

You can even program your own settings with the customizable pan, tilt and zoom effects and separate X, Y and Z rolling effects......AND scan speed adjustment!

That's a lot of control.

This isn't a cheap laser and there are others on the market for much less, but you won't get the brightness, control and build quality that the Chauvet DJ Scorpion has.

You can find the latest price on the Sweetwater page here

#6  American DJ Stinger Dj Light

I had to double check I had the right photo of the American DJ Stinger. It looks really similar to the Chauvet DJ Swarm FX 6.

Let's see if the features are comparable.

It's a 3-in-1 light that has six LEDs, eight white LEDs and a red and green laser right in the middle.

The ADJ team designed the Stinger so the colored "Moonflower" effects would flood the dancefloor with color and movement, while the laser projects razor sharp beams of light and the strobe lights make any room feel like a night club.

American DJ has added long life "stepper" motors inside the unit. What that means to you and me is that the Stinger can project rapid movement of it's light beams for energetic music but also slowly scan the dancefloor smoothly for softer songs.

You won't see jerk-y quick movements when a wedding dance is happening. It'll look like you programmed the light show especially for the mood music.

Like pretty much all the lights I have to show you here, it can run fully automatic, to music via the built in microphone or via DMX (10 channels) if you want full control.

You can find out the current price of the American DJ Stinger on it's Amazon page here

#7.  American DJ Stinger Gobo DJ Light

Think of the American DJ Gobo Stinger as the little brother of the American DJ Boombox FX 2 (reviewed earlier on in this post).

It has a wash effect for flooding the dancefloor with color and it uses eight different GOBO patterns to paint the walls with dancing designs.

Not only do the GOBO patterns sweep in and out, they also rotate creating a memorizing attention grabbing effect.

You'll instantly add energy to your party with the ADJ Bobo Stinger.

You can operate the light fixture using an automatic mode or sound active mode where the beams of light will move to the beat of the music.

American DJ pre-programmed six exciting shows into the Gobo Stinger. You can also link two or more of the units together and they'll automatically synchronize their light shows for an amazing effect.

The three effects the ADJ Stinger Gobo has are:

You can find out the current price of the Amiercan DJ Stinger Gobo on it's Amazon page here

#8.  Chauvet DJ Intimidator Wave 360

I had to show you this light, it's crazy!

If you're wondering if the entire thing spins around 360 degrees, you'd be right! Before I even start explaining what you're getting, watch this video.

The Intimidator Wave 360 has four independently controlled RGBW (Red Green Blue White) LED moving heads that are able to spin 360 degrees on a single rotating base.

The 12 Watt LED lights product a razor sharp beam of light that continuously dances and pans in rotation.

You're able to make any color you want thanks to the LEDS and each head can have different colors.

It's called the wave because not only does the light spin 360 degrees, each light can also pan left or right (or forwards and backwards). It's almost like you are getting four moving heads in one neat package.

You can check the current price of the Chauvet DJ Intimidator Wave 360 on it's Amazon page here

#9.  Roxant Pulse Strobe Light DJ Light

Without a doubt the most affordable DJ light on this top list. The Roxant Pulse ultra bright LED strobe light is perfect for generating excitement and a nightclub feel on any dance floor.

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a metal case and you're able to control the strobe intensity by sound or manual - there's not much more you could want from a strobe.

The blue knob sets standard mode - flashes to the beat of the music. The yellow knob sets the manual flash mode. Left for slower flashes, right for faster flashes.

At such an affordable price, I had to include this light in the top list as it's essential for any party to have a strobe. It builds excitement and energy!

Check out the Amazon page here for the current price

#10.  American DJ Inno Pocket Z4

The only moving head light fixture on this top list, but it's such an awesome light that I couldn't leave it out.

The only thing that made it in the 10th place is it's price - a little higher than most of the other lights i've shown you, but you're getting an amazing 40 Watt moving head with zoom for your money.

The American DJ Inno Pocket Z4 is a high energy light that's powered by four 10Watt red, green, blue and white LEDS.

It's compact and light weight making it a perfect light for mobile DJs or for tucking away in a cupboard until your next epic house party.

It's ultra fast pan and tilt makes it's beams of razor sharp light dance around the entire room and you can generate literally thousands of colors by mixing the RGBW LEDs together.

The InnoPocket Z4 by American DJ can be left alone and run on sound activated mode, where the engineers have progrmmed 4 built in shows or if you want full control, hook the unit up to a DMX controller.

It has a 540° pan / 180° tilt, full zoom, selectable dim curves and can be linked to other American DJ Pocket Z4's for a synchronized light show.

To see the current price of the American DJ Pocket Z4, check out the Amazon page here

This list will be updated when new models are released and they are good enough to be named a WOW light. You should look at these lights as an investment, especially as they all use LED technology that guarantees a run time of up to 50,000+ hours.

Replacement bulbs used to be expensive. You don't have to worry about that anymore.

This is a great in-depth rundown of the top 10 DJ lights and hopefully i've given you some ideas on what you should buy and use in your own mobile DJ setup or house party.

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